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The Footwear Design and Technology School of South Africa was established by Glyn Giani as the first and only in the South Africa. Glyn with fourteen years experience in the footwear industry, an Advance Diploma  in Footwear Design from ARS Sutoria, Milan, Italy, a Diploma in Footwear and Footwear Materials Technology,  a Diploma in Fashion design from GFD, as well as BCompt articles, has gained tremendous experience in all  aspects of establishing factories, design and development, technology, marketing, and manufacture as far as India and China.

This elite school with a restricted number of students per year, and applicants from all over the world is based  in a-grade facilities superior
to any known school internationally. The school was established to become the  most sought after in the footwear industry world wide. We do not compromise on admission criteria due to any reason whatsoever and will not compromise on issuing of our qualifications to students who do not meet our extreme grades.

Diploma Course
Due the fact that the South African NQF does not cater for a Diploma of this nature, and the CTFL seta does not have the abilities to certify a course of this nature, the FDTSSA has reverted to postponing the Diploma course until further notice.

Short Course- Footwear Design
We now only offer a short 32 session course equivalent to some of the best schools in Italy. This course consists of all the practical aspects in footwear design from sketching and pattern cutting to assembly procedures of the shoe uppers. It covers the classical styles in court shoes, sandals, oxfords, gibsons, moccasin cuts, slippers and low boots.
Course starting dates:
Pretoria: February 2013
Johannesburg: 8 October 2012 and February 2013 (Please apply now, limited space)
Cape Town & Durban: (Please register on our contacts page and we will keep you updated)

Short Course - Handbag Design
Due to a demand by students we are offering a Handbag design course as well. This course as in the footwear course also covers the design pattern cutting and construction of handbags. It is only run for 16 sessions.
Course Starting Dates:
All handbag courses are suspended until further notice. Please register on our contacts page to receive starting dates.

Correspondence Course - Footwear Design
We now offer a 1 year correspondence course which can be completed in as little as 4 months. Please phone or email to enquire for more information. There are also grants available for this course.

Developing your own ranges
The school also offers a support system to help students develop their own ranges as well as a CMT operation to manufacture their ranges for them. Bi-annual trips to Europe is arranged where students may visit the trade fairs where they can order components for their ranges. The school is continually working to expand this network and support system to make it easier for aspirant footwear and handbag designers to make their mark.